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1/6 Action Figures - Model Kits - Collectibles
1/6th Action Figure Pre-Orders!

1:6 Sci-Fi contains 18 items!

Lron Armour Girl
Date Added: Aug 28th 2015

Produced by Lightning Toys

Lightning Toys was established in Beijing in March 2015.T...

Our Price $285.00
Robocop EM-208
Date Added: Oct 31st 2014
  • Figure stands ~12 inches tall.
  • Highly detailed mechanical design based on...
  • Our Price $190.00
    R.I.P.C. Rest in Peace Cowboy
    Date Added: Apr 10th 2015
  • Live likeness of head sculpt
  • Body
  • White shirt
  • Gray vest
  • Dark Blue tu...
  • Our Price $140.00
    Matrix Neo Clothing and Accessories
    Date Added: Aug 11th 2015
  • Black Mystery Coat
  • Assassin Tights
  • Black Pant
  • Black Shoe
  • Classic Arm...
  • Our Price $49.00
    Boy Black
    Date Added: Aug 5th 2015
  • Likeness of head sculpt
  • Body
  • Egyptian style knife
  • Saber claw dagger x2<...
  • Our Price $140.00
    Lady Miss
    Date Added: Jun 8th 2015
    Product Features:
  • FB02-M 2.0 Female body with double joint elbows(MATTE FINISH BODY)
  • Fe...
  • Our Price $128.00
    Titanfall Atlas
    Date Added: Jun 18th 2014
    Based on the hit video game "Titanfall" for PC, XBOX 360, and XBOX One developed by Respawn Entertai...
    Our Price $430.00
    Lost in Space - Verda the Android
    Date Added: Mar 13th 2015

    Verda the android was created when Dr. Smith used the Celestial Department Store ordering machine...

    Our Price $149.99
    Buck Rogers - WIlma Deering
    Date Added: Mar 12th 2015

    Wilma Deering is smart, tough, and doesn\'t take any guff. This daring dame fights to protec...

    Our Price $159.99
    Peter Bishop
    Date Added: Aug 20th 2014
    • Authentic headsculpt
    • New all-era body with two pairs of hands
    • Blue pea...
    Our Price $148.00
    Robocop RC 1.0
    Date Added: Oct 31st 2014
  • Figure stands ~12.5 inches tall.
  • Highly detailed mechanical design based o...
  • Our Price $230.00
    Star Wars General Grievous
    Date Added: Jun 13th 2014
    With the Galactic Republic in shambles, a powerful new Confederacy of Independent Systems forms a dr...
    Our Price $250.00
    HEROCROSS- Hybrid Metal Figuration: Star Wars - Black Hole Stormtrooper
    Date Added: Oct 22nd 2012
  • Approximately 14cm tall.
  • Materials: 70% Hybrid Metal, 30% PVC.
  • over 20 ...
  • Our Price $99.99
    1:6 Hairy Rouge Kowloon Soul Army - RED
    Date Added: Jun 3rd 2013

    Zero Metal Chronicle Kowloon Union Soul Army (K.U.S.A.) Hairy Rouge, Leader of the Red Flag Trib...
    Our Price $80.00
    1:6 Master Nova Kowloon Union Soul Army - Black
    Date Added: Jun 3rd 2013
    Manufactured by SEA-INTL

    Zero Metal Chronicle Kowloon Uni...

    Our Price $80.00
    Cannibal Skulls (set of 10)
    Date Added: Sep 21st 2012
    Our Price $65.00
    1:6 Counter Strike "Dr. J" Action Figure
    Date Added: Apr 3rd 2008
    Our Price $49.98
    "Iron Island" Jack 5 by COOModels
    Date Added: Mar 17th 2014
    Designer: EddyHuang
    Jack 5 (mechanical semi Warrior) Description:
    "Jack," This is the ...
    Our Price $135.00
    Legendary as always