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1/18 USAF F-86F Sabre Jet, MAJ J. Jabara 1953 by JS International HK 60022 - Prebuilt & Prepainted Diecast Plane JSI-60022



This is a replica of the F-86 flown by Major J. Jabara and was an updated version of the 1/18 F-86 when it was introduced in 2013 by JS International HK.

 Upgrade additional parts includes:

  1. Front Landing Wheel Well Housing.
  2. Main landing Wheels Well Housing.
  3. Front Air Intake Cover.
  4. Real Jet Nozzle Cover.

These updates greatly enhanced the model,... you can no long see through the cockpit to the Ground. 

 Multiple shades of silver are used to simulate different type of metal breaking up the boredom of silver color finishing.

Satin clear coat applied to replicate service use for a more natural, scale finishing.

Easy Snap together Assembly with removable missiles and drop tanks.

- Length : 620mm

- Wingspan : 625 mm

Item Discontinued - Please Ask Questions & Pictures before Purchase.