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1/32 P-40E WARHAWK HASEGAWA HAS-08879 (ST29)

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1/32 scale plastic model kit of the P-40E Warhawk.

The P-40 series was used not only by the U.S. Army Air Corps, but also by the

Allied Forces as the flagship fighter of all World War II battlefields.

Because of its high mass production, ease of use, and robustness,

it was used in ground attack and anti-bomber combat.

The P-40E was the first production model with a total of about 2,300 aircraft produced, and compared to the previous type D, it was an aircraft with enhanced armor and armament to improve practicality.

The kit is composed of parts that pursue the accuracy of the outer shape and ease of assembly.

The windshield can be opened and closed.

The front and rear parts of the windshield are integrated with the fuselage panel and molded clearly, making it easy to bond and have a beautiful part shape.

Pilot figure parts in a seated posture are included.

Two types of decals are set from aircraft belonging to the US Army Air Corps.

Some features of the Model Kit:

  • High Precision Engraved Surface Detail.
  • Full Carriage Detail.
  • Positional exhaust
  • Poly cap parts for moveable joints.
  • Full cockpit detail with pilot
  • Detachable Weapons.
  • Decal Sheet x 1 for Gore Bowman version of fighter craft

Decals (markings)

  • Lieutenant John D. Landers, 49th Fighter Squadron, 9th Fighter Group ET601: Texas Longhorn (New Guinea, 1942)
  • 23rd Fighter Group 76th Fighter Squadron Commander Major Edward F. Lecter Aircraft "104" (China: July 1942)

Unassembled Plastic Model Kit - Glue & Paint not Included.