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Egg Girls Collection No.11 "Lucy McDonnell" (ARMY) & Egg MD500 Model Kit by HASEGAWA HAS-52223

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Hasegawa 52223 / SP423 Egg Girl Collection No.11 1/20 Lucy McDonnell & US MD500 with TOW Launchers

Latest release from EGG GIRL Collection. 

The Model kit includes:

  1. Egg Plane of MD500 with TOW Launcher
  2. 1/20 Rei Lucy McDonnell sculped by Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura(辻村 聡志 氏) of Japan.
  3. Decals for Special "Lucy McDonnell" MD500 with Shark Mouth
  4. Decals for Anime style Eyes with different expression

Model Kit requires assembly.

Glue and Paint sold separately.