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1/20 MechatroWeGo - NO.1 CHUBU Mechatronics"Use Midori" BY HASEGAWA HAS-64512 (CW12)

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HASEGAWA HA64512 CW12 1/20 MechatroWeGo No.01 CHUBU “Usu Midori” models Set

Mechatrowego grows bigger and bigger!

The model height is about 13 cm and 1/20 scale.

Due to the larger size, it is designed to be packed with details and gimmicks.
Complete reproduction with movable gimmicks without replacement from opening the hatch of the stomach to the lifting and lowering of the boarding unit.

The top hatch is also movable. Implemented a new wrist-length gimmick.
In the knee and ankle joints, the parts that interfere with movement naturally escape and expand the range of motion a little.

Some panels on the abdomen and back can be removed, and it is possible to check the
internal mech and structure.

Comes with a boy figure in the boarding posture.

The parts are 5 colors + clear and no adhesive material is required.

Model Kit requires assembly. Glue and Paint not included.