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Latest Addition to AFV Club, Centurion Family of model kits.

The AVRE version of the Centurion family of Main Battle Tank developed by Great Britain during WWII and deployed just in time at the very end.

Did not see combat until 1950's during the Korean Conflict. The Centurion and its chassis remain in service well into the 1980's

Following are some of the All New Tooling Parts:

  • Centurion Dozer Blade
  • New Gun and ammo
  • New roof machine gun station
  • New operator station
  • Tea set and accessories
  • One piece road wheel
  • Front & Rear Mudguards
  • Positional hatches
  • Optional choice for turret mounted secondary weapons.
  • Decal Markings for Centurion AVRE
  • Color painting instructions.

Model kit requires assembly.

Glue and paint not included.