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1/35 US M108 SELF-PROPELLED 105mm HOWITZER AF35108 AFV-AF35108

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Original price $65.00
Current price $56.00
■ New M108 turret (deleted the cover to the hydraulic reservoir on the turret top).

■ New M108 hull (air ducting, side and forward seat screws for inflatable floatation kit).

■ New rear bi-parting door (Can choose close or open).

■ Two type rear fender, including brand new early type rear fender.

■ Movable hatches (Can choose close or open).

■ New M103 105 mm Howitzer travelling lock.

■ New Metal M103 105 mm Howitzer barrel with rifling.

■ Movable M103 105 mm Howitzer pitch angle.

■ Including Australia, ROCA, USA, Belgium, Brazil and Spain decal.