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1/48 scale plastic model kit of the F6F-3 Hellcat "USS Essex" by Hasegawa, Japan

The F6F Hellcat is a fighter aircraft sent out by the prestigious carrier-based fighter Grumman Company as a successor to the F4F Wildcat, and is the main aircraft of the US Navy in the latter half of World War II along with the F4U Corsair.

Deliveries of production aircraft began in November 1942, and as early as January 11, the first F1943F unit VF-1 was formed and training began aboard the aircraft carrier Essex as the top batter in defeating the Zero.

The F6F was a large aircraft for the output of the engine, heavy weight, and was by no means a masterpiece in terms of performance, but it was sturdy, mobile, and had excellent bulletproof equipment, withstood hits well and had a low wear and tear rate, and a total production of 12,272 aircraft.

This is a 2023 new production, Limited Edition kit with different markings.

Some features of the Model Kit:

  • High Precision Engraved Surface Detail.
  • Full Carriage Detail.
  • Full cockpit detail
  • Clear plastic canopy
  • Partial engine detail
  • Decal Sheet x 1

Decals (markings)

  • F6F-3 VF-9 USS ESSEX, 1944
  • F6F-3 VF-16 USS Lexington December, 1943