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1/48 SH-3H SEAKING HASEGAWA 07201 HAS-07201

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1/48 scale plastic model kit of the SH-3H Sea King.

The Sikorsky SH-3H Sea King is an anti-submarine helicopter of the
United States Navy.
It was a large twin-engine turbine helicopter adopted as a successor to the HSS-1 helicopter used by the Navy.

Since the SH-3H Sea King was developed as a carrier-based aircraft, the five main rotor blades have a structure that folds automatically, and the tail boom of the tail rotor also has a folding mechanism.
The fuselage of the SH-5H Sea King, which is mainly operational at sea, has a watertight hull-type semi-monocoque structure, and is combined with auxiliary floats on the side of the
fuselage to enable good water landing performance.

The engine is equipped with two T-58 turboshaft engines in parallel, which ensures high output and increases safety in the event of engine trouble.
Anti-submarine equipment is equipped with the latest anti-submarine equipment such as MAD Bird and Sono Buoy.
In addition, when fighter jets are taking off from an aircraft carrier, it is used as a rescue aircraft, and it is also used as a transport aircraft and is operated for multiple purposes.


Model kit requires assembly.

Glue and Paint not included.