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 In Showa 11 (1936), the Navy ordered three companies, Aichi, Nakajima, and Mitsubishi, to prototype the eleventh prototype carrier-based bomber, but Mitsubishi abandoned development on the way, so two companies, Aichi and Nakajima, competed to develop prototypes.

The Aichi version was an all-metal low-wing monoplane, an elliptical tapered wing with excellent aerodynamics was adopted for the planform of the main wing and tail, a fixed landing gear for the main landing gear with an emphasis on practicality, and a dive braking plate on the underside of the main wing was developed, and the prototype first flew in Showa 13 (1938).

In the subsequent flight test, problems such as sudden rotation that starts to roll over without permission, weight of the lifting rudder occurred, and it took time to repair, but the speed and maneuverability were superior to the rival Nakajima aircraft, so it was officially adopted as the Showa 14 (1939) Type 3 carrier-based bomber type 1. In the early days of the war, the bombing that boasted a high hit rate was remarkable.

Some features of the Model Kit:

  • High Precision Engraved Surface Detail.
  • Full Carriage Detail.
  • Detailed underwing stores
  • Detailed bomb dropping arm
  • Full cockpit detail
  • 2 sets of Canopy, one closed and one open
  • Partial engine detail
  • Decal Sheet x 1

Decals (markings)

  • Aircraft Carrier SORYU No.1AC, 21st Section, 1st Squadron 8th Pearl Harbor
  • Aircraft Carrier ZUIKAKU First attack Dive-bombing Command, Pearl Harbor


Model Length: 213mm

Model Width: 299mm

Estimated Parts: 119 pieces

Unassembled Plastic Model Kit - Glue & Paints not Included