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1/48 U.S. Modern Air-to-Ground Weaponry Set (A) AFV Club AR48107 AFV-AR48107

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AFV Club AR48107 1/48 Air-to-Ground weaponry set [A] 


The most detail injection molded US Aircraft Bomb Weapon Set available.

AFV Club uses slide mold to produce some of the most detail and accurate parts.

The parts can fit any 1/48 scale aircraft available.

  • Mk-82 Snake Eye 500lb bomb x 8 (3 versions, tail fins can be built opened or closed)
  • 4 types of war head tip
  • M117 series 750lb bomb (2 versions) x 4
  • Mk-84 2000lb bomb x 2
  • LAU-3 19-Tube rocket launcher x 2
  • Two types of rockets warhead
  • Hydra 70 rocket x 8 (2 versions, tail set can be built opened or closed)
  • CBU-100 Cluster Bomb x 2 (tail fins can be built opened or closed)
  • Full decal for all the bombs

This is a very interesting model kit and great for any modern 1/48 aircraft.

    Model kit requires assembly.

    Glue and Paint not included.