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1/6 scale action figure of Australian Special Air Service Regiment 'Barney'.


  • G3.5 Body with a pair of bare hand
  • Desert Auscam uniform shirt
  • Desert Auscam uniform pants
  • Peacekeeper in Desert DMP camo pattern
  • Afghan's style scarf
  • US type pilot gloved hands x3
  • Merrell Chameleon Ventilators Hiking Boots (New Color)
  • Character headsculpt (Roto head)
  • Tactical headset
  • Okey style sunglasses
  • Frillneck ute hat in desert Auscam
  • HP 9mm pistol (HP-MK3)
  • Pistol Mag x 2 (New Tooling)
  • M-4 Carbine with rear sight (Desert Color)
  • PEQ2 laser pointer for M-4 Carbine w/ remote switch
  • Surefire weapon light for M-4 Carbine w/ remote switch
  • Silence for M-4 Carbine
  • Tactical scope for M-4 Carbine
  • M203 Grenade Launcher with detachable mount
  • M4 Carbine mag x 4
  • SOG Seal pup knife
  • PTT (Aust. type)
  • US type PRC 148 radio
  • Hard plastic pistol holster (with camo painting)
  • Medic Kit (small green square bag)
  • Desert Auscam blood type (O POS)
  • Aust. Flag