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1/6 scale action figure of Denver, a LAPD SWAT point-man.

Authentic Headsculpt
New All-era Body With Muscle Arms
Glove Hands x3 Pcs
Fast Ballistic Helmet ((Helmet Includes: PVS-14 NVG,NVG Lanyard For VAS Shroud, Contour HD Camera, Goggle Swivel Clips)
FM53 Twin Port Protective Mask W/ Outsert Assembly (Mask Includes: Voice Projection Unit (VPU) and Comms Cable Kit
M-frame Hybrid Sunglasses
SWAT-TAC III ACH Single Communication Headset W/ Arc Rail Adapter & Signal Combat PTT
Astro Saber III Speaker
BB-8700G Cell Phone W/ Case
LA S.W.A.T. T-shirt
LA S.W.A.T. Tactical Uniform (shirt)
LA S.W.A.T. Tactical Uniform (pants)
Inner Cotton Shorts
PT FAV MKII Tactical Platform
PT Tactical Ballistic Bicep Upper Arm Protection
Removable Collar Protection
Double MP5 And Side Arm Magazine Pouch x2
Triple Less Lethal Pouch
Distraction Device Pouch x2
Mini-side Plate (MSP) Pouch
Medic Pouch
ST Taser Holsters
Universal Radio Pouch
Dump Pouch
Omega Elite Gas Mask Pouch
LA SWAT Class II Special Ops Harness
Riggers Rescue Belt
TAC Single Point Sling
Bungee Sling
SWAT Classic 9 Inch Side Zip Boots
PT Tactical Body Bunker Type IIIA Metallic Tactical Shield With Weathering
Gransfors Sledge Hammer
SFL 6360 Holster (SWAT Custom) w/ MLS Accessory Fork On Quick Release Harness & Quick Locking System (QLS)
Multi-port Plus Flash-bang Grenade x2
C.A.T. #203 Knife
Paramedic Scissors
Disposable Double Cuff x2
Tactical Door Stop Tool
S-Biner Carabiner
Kong 511-L3 Carabiner
Tazo II Screw Gate Straight D Carabiner
TAC- Watch
MP5 Submachine Gun With Magazine x5 including: XPS-2-0 Weapons Sight, MFI Scope Mount And M900V Vertical Foregrip
Sage Control SL-6 Rotary Launcher With 37mm Chemical Rounds x9
K Custom TLE II (LAPD-SWAT) Pistol (magazine x5)
X26 Stun Gun
Tactical Name Tapes x2
41D & 23D Commemoration Patch x2
Los Angeles Police Breast Patch x2
LA SWAT Patch x2
Police Patch
Stay Prosty Patch