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Limited production with Certificate.  

G3.5 Body - with individually mark with matching number on box.
Character Head
Golden Tiger Stripe modified BDU top w/ Cordura reinforce patches
Golden Tiger Stripe modified BDU bottom w/ Cordura reinforce patches
Low profile mission vest - black
Plate carrier / body armor w/ mesh finishing
Bare hands x 1 pair
Nomex gloved hands x 1 pair
Fast rope leather gloved hands x 1 pair
Combat Boots x 1 pair
MICH 2002 w/ NVG mount
MICH 2002 NVG strap mount w/ weaver rail attachments
PVS 14 NVG - new tooling
Helmet mount for PVS 14 NVG - new tooling
Tactical headset
Camo covers for head set - woodland
Sun glasses
Bolle tactical goggle
'Pakol' Afghan Hat w/ 'I Love New York' pin
Afghan shemagh - new black and white color
Tactical tailor H-harness - 3 piece system - Left
Tactical tailor H-harness - 3 piece system - right
Tactical tailor H-harness - 3 piece system - back
System can be used as a 2 pieces chest rig or a 3 pieces tactical vest
Tactical Tailor Modular padded belt w/ coyote color buckles
Tactical Tailor Medic pouch. Individual
Tactical Tailor Triple M4 magazines panel x 1
Tactical Tailor double M4 magazine pouch x 2
Beretta M9 Automatic pistol
Beretta M9 Automatic pistol magazines x 3
actical fighting knife with hard plastic sheath
M4 Carbine w/ special camouflage paint
Single point rifle sling for M4 carbine
Weapon light with remote switch
Tactical red dot Holosight
SOCOM sound suppressor for M4
Aim Point rifle scope with high ride mount
PEQ2 laser sight w/ remote switch
Grip Pod GP01 - bi-pod retracted
Grip Pod GP01 - bi-pod extended
3 cell tactical personal fla0sh light
Weapon mount for PVS 14
Communication PTT switch
Tactical pouch for PTT switch - O/D
PRC 148 Radio w/ short antenna
Radio hand piece w/ new plug for PTT
Single point M9 holster with weaver rail mounts
Hard case magazine holder for M9 pistol
Concealed holster for M9 pistol
Tactical Knee in Multi-cam pattern
Carabiner x 2
UTD style Pistol Belt
Radio Pouch - coyote brown x 1
Tactical tailor combination demolition / dump pouch - coyote brown x 1
M9 Triple magazine pouch - coyote brown x 1
Trauma plates x 2
3 color Army SF ODA patch
2 color Blood type ID x 2
American Flag - Desert Tan

**Discontinued Item**

Please ask questions and pictures before you purchase.  Sales are final on all action figures and asscessories.