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1/72 F15E STRIKE EAGLE RSAF NO. 8318 WTY-72006/016


1/72 scale die cast model of the F-15E Strike Eage Republic of Singapore Air Force, pre-built and pre-painted.

Item is brand new but discontinued.  Please ask questions and pictures before purchase.

All Sales are Final..


  1. Open both sides of the packaging.
  2. Push the blister packaging with the model plane out.
  3. Lift the top blister. Exercise caution to make sure parts will not fall out.
  4. DO NOT handle the model with tail fins or the horizontal stabilizers. These parts are extremely fragile, especially if they have moveable flaps.
  5. Gently remove the plane model by pushing up from the bottom of the blister tray. The blister tray usually is a reversed cavity of the model. If model is pull out from the tray, you will chance damaging the model.
  6. Be careful foe small parts such as antenna and pitot tubes.
  7. Remove small items such as missiles and drop tanks,… etc. by pushing them out from the bottom. It is much easier.
  8. Assemble the model according to the instruction sheet.
  9. Exercise care when handling clear parts such as the canopy to avoid leaving finger prints.