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Hasegawa MC9 “MACROSS PLUS” 1/72 YF-19 HAS-65709

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Hasegawa HAS65709 "MACROSS Plus” 1/72 YF-19 - Ship from US


The is a Brand-New Original kit from HASEGAWA of Japan.

This is a model kit of YF-19 in flight mode.

The YF-19, the protagonist of the OVA "Macross Plus", is made into a kit. The unique fuselage form of the forward sweep wing has been three-dimensionalized while incorporating the aircraft expression unique to Hasegawa.

The parts configuration is relatively simple, and each part is assembled block by block and then assembled after painting.

The cockpit is a choice of single seat or double seat.

The canopy can be opened and closed, with a seated pilot figure, and the vector nozzle is movable.

The underside of the fuselage is designed based on an additional setting manual by Mr. Kawamori!

The package illustration is by Hideki Tenjin.

Some features of the Model Kit:

  • High Precision Engraved Surface Detail.
  • Full Carriage Detail.
  • Poly cap parts for moveable joints.
  • Full cockpit detail with pilot and weapon station officer figure.
  • Detachable Weapons.
  • Decal Sheet x 1 for 2 color variations.

Number of parts ... 2400

Model length ... 2640mm

model width ... 131.260mm

Model kit requires assembly.

Glue and Paint not included.